Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Fiber Cloth


Chemical fiber cloth, as the name suggests refers to th […]

Chemical fiber cloth, as the name suggests refers to the chemical fiber from the processing of pure spinning or blended interwoven fabric, that is made of pure fiber woven fabric, does not include the natural fiber between the blended, interwoven fabric, chemical fiber cloth characteristics woven from it Chemical fiber itself determines the characteristics.

In recent years, chemical fiber cloth market has steadily expanded, the advantages of chemical fiber cloth for its rapid occupation of the market access to the initiative. First, chemical fiber cloth with strong and durable, easy to care, with anti-wrinkle and non-ironing characteristics of chemical fiber cloth is the main raw material of polyester, nylon and other composite materials itself has a strong abrasion resistance makes the production of chemical fiber cloth also has strong and durable characteristics , And chemical fiber cloth is not only fastness than other fibers 3 to 4 times higher and crisp, not easy to deformation, "no iron" reputation.

Second, chemical fiber cloth industry has begun to take shape, accounting for more than half of the total number of textile fabrics in China, colorful, It is suitable for the production of clothing, home textiles and other aspects, and the chemical fiber cloth is more affordable than other cotton cloth and silk fabric, and it is popular with foreign market.

Even if the chemical fiber cloth accounted for the largest proportion of the fabric market, but in recent years the government on the chemical fiber cloth textile industry supervision is increasingly strong, frequently promulgated the relevant textile policy, is due to chemical fiber cloth industry is high pollution, high consumption, high emission industry, So that chemical fiber cloth production is affected, followed by chemical fiber cloth in the production process of chemical dyes used to make the cloth even bright, colorful, soft texture, but which is mixed with a large number of harmful substances, the greater harm to the human body so the chemical fiber cloth Evaluation is low. And chemical fiber cloth easy to pilling, chemical fiber cloth made of polyester fabric is a synthetic fiber products, all synthetic fabrics are easy to play the ball, so chemical fiber cloth will be used for some time after the ball and can not be avoided.

Chemical fiber cloth is poor hygroscopicity, if made into clothing will have a hot feeling, while easy to bring static electricity, stained dust, affecting the appearance and comfort.

Chemical fiber cloth because of its own advantages and disadvantages of the mixed, but I think its benefits are always outweigh the disadvantages, it not only to people's lives to bring great convenience, but also subtle changes in people's new knowledge of the fabric , Chemical fiber cloth industry and high-tech continue to combine to subvert the traditional understanding of the fabric, and with the passage of time the chemical fiber cloth disadvantage can be changed, it always affects our side to play their own strengths.