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China Cationic Yarn Manufacturers and Low Melt Polyester Yarns Suppliers

,Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd is renowned for superior quality control and new product development.
With main equipments from Germany and Japan,The company has integrated and highly efficient advanced production lines from spinning to draw-texturing and drawing,which are also guaranteed by scientific quality control in the whole manufacturing process.The main products are low-carbon environment,Cationic Yarn,functional and dope-dyed polyester yarn,low melting filament Yarns,new biodegradable polyester filament,cationic dyeable polyester microfilament yarn,etc...



  • Ge


    Generally, the warp yarns are finer than the weft yarns, and the warp and weft are small, and the ground grain surface has relatively obvious lateral ridges. It is a kind of silk f...

  • Knitting and weaving differences

    Knitting and weaving differences

    At present, most of China's fabrics are divided into knitted and woven. A woven fabric is a fabric formed by interlacing warp and weft perpendicularly to each other. Knitted fabric...

  • Spinning technology

    Spinning technology

    There are two solutions to the problem of yarn strength. One method is to use a more advanced spinning technique to produce yarns that can be applied to easy-care fabrics without c...

  • Special yarn

    Special yarn

    Special yarn, also known as fancy yarn: refers to the special structure and appearance obtained by processing fiber or yarn by special raw materials, special equipment or special p...

  • Cationic yarn characteristics

    Cationic yarn characteristics

    Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of polyester product which is spun by introducing dimethyl isophthalate with polar SO 3Na into the polyester chip. Its appearance...

  • Medium long fabric

    Medium long fabric

    Medium and long fiber fabrics are a general term for fabrics woven from medium and long chemical fiber blended yarns. Most of these fabrics are produced in cotton textile mills and...

  • Crepe


    Fabric characteristics: crepe is a silk fabric with a crepe effect. By means of process means and structural means, the combination of silk twisting and the use of plain weave or e...

  • Beautiful silk mei-li lining twill

    Beautiful silk mei-li lining twill

    Fabric features:fabric (twill silk), customary called silk, pure polyester and pure human silk, fabric tissue is twill weave or twill change structure, silk surface twill lines fin...

  • Classification of flat cloth

    Classification of flat cloth

    The common feature of flat cloth is that it is woven with plain weave, and the linear density of warp and weft yarns is the same or similar to the density of warp and weft yarns in...


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