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China Cationic Yarn Manufacturers and Low Melt Polyester Yarns Suppliers

,Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd is renowned for superior quality control and new product development.
With main equipments from Germany and Japan,The company has integrated and highly efficient advanced production lines from spinning to draw-texturing and drawing,which are also guaranteed by scientific quality control in the whole manufacturing process.The main products are low-carbon environment,Cationic Yarn,functional and dope-dyed polyester yarn,low melting filament Yarns,new biodegradable polyester filament,cationic dyeable polyester microfilament yarn,etc...



  • Mesh cloth

    Mesh cloth

    Leno, also known as mesh cloth, is a through-hole fabric woven from leno weave. It is characterized in that the two sets of warp yarns of the ground and the twisting are interlaced...

  • What is the mattress fabric?

    What is the mattress fabric?

    1. When choosing to buy a mattress, we certainly want to have a comfortable feeling. It will not cause irritating fabric on our skin. Nowadays, there are many fabrics on the market...

  • Jin


    Fabric characteristics: Jin is a satin jacquard fabric, which is woven of mulberry silk and rayon. It is dyed and dyed first. The color of weft yarn is more than three colors. It i...

  • Burnt etched-out velvet

    Burnt etched-out velvet

      With nylon (or polyester) as the ground fabric, the surface of the velvet is viscose with light, the use of two kinds of fiber on the acid reaction performance is different, the ...

  • Classification of apparel fabrics

    Classification of apparel fabrics

    It Fabric Features: The use of sorghum tissue, plain weave, twill weave or other short-weave texture combined organization. The silk type uses mulberry silk and rayon as the main r...

  • Is knitted fabric a knitted fabric?

    Is knitted fabric a knitted fabric?

      Acetate Fiber Knit Fabric Acetate fiber has the same unique properties as silk, fiber luster and bright color, excellent drape and feel. The knitted fabrics produced therefrom ha...

  • What is special about knitted fabrics?

    What is special about knitted fabrics?

    Modal fiber knitted fabric is a new type of environmental protection fiber. It integrates the comfort of cotton, the drape of viscose, the strength of polyester, and the feel of si...

  • Basic fabric knowledge

    Basic fabric knowledge

      Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun from a carded spinning process, also known as unspun yarn. Combed yarn: refers to the use of high-quality cotton fiber as raw material, which...

  • How To Care For Silk Fabrics

    How To Care For Silk Fabrics

    With silks being used for various purposes these days from sheets to clothing to women s fashion accessories like silk belts, scarves, and wallets, there is the need to understand ...


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