China Textile City: year-end curtain fabric creative fabrics still sell well


Recently, due to the Lunar New Year approaching, China […]

Recently, due to the Lunar New Year approaching, China Textile City Market curtains days of closing shock decline, but the curtains continue to be the main varieties subscription. In recent days, curtain cloth target varieties still highly favored by target customers, localized sales more active, innovative and creative fabrics still dominate the market.


Recently in the textile market north of the city on the second floor, the third floor of the northern part of the market business outlets, the relative lack of curtain fabric market subscription customers, but curtains creative fabrics continue favored spot transactions continue to go smoothly. Jacquard curtain fabric, transfer printing curtain cloth, curtain cloth segment multi-color printing, positioning printed curtain fabrics to factory direct sales, much favored by Chinese and foreign counterparts, partially sold go smoothly. Especially printed curtain fabric a majority share transactions, printed curtain fabrics continue to be all kinds of curtain fabric market leading products, the entire site 280CM printed curtain fabrics, positioning printed curtain fabrics innovative fabrics, the daily batch acquisition continued to increase.


In polyester FDY, POY, DTY, (POY + DTY) composite wire curtain Djibouti flowers, printing, embroidery, and other varieties of yarn-dyed still have the transaction, partially sold small quantities in the big. Part of the professional big business jacquard curtain fabric, embroidery curtain fabric turnover is still relatively active, and some large business operators and distribution companies are still large quantities of transactions. In DTY silk-based materials woven polyester transfer printing curtain fabric flowers because their quality style, printing landscape, beach, birds, flowers whole curtain fabrics partially sold sold well.