Textile and garment leather chemical fiber into Zhejiang manufacturing industry to enhance the focus of reform


Zhejiang Province, the Government has recently formulat […]

Zhejiang Province, the Government has recently formulated the "Zhejiang Province, the overall transformation of the traditional manufacturing to enhance the action plan (2017 ~ 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan" to promote the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, to speed up the adjustment of economic restructuring and development mode, ).
"Action Plan" clear, and strive to pass the efforts of four years, so that the focus of traditional manufacturing in the international industrial division of labor and the value chain in the status of significantly improved, basically completed the traditional transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing demonstration area. Speed up the construction of ultra-100 billion industrial clusters 10, cultivate more than 10 billion yuan leading enterprises 30. New product output rate reached 35%. Unit industrial added value of energy consumption, waste water discharge, water consumption were down 4%, 2%, 5% or more.
"Action Plan" pointed out that, according to the basis of industrial development and relevance, Zhejiang focus this year to start the textile, clothing, leather, chemical, chemical fiber and other 10 manufacturing upgrading, accumulated experience, and gradually expanded to other traditional manufacturing areas.
In the textile manufacturing industry, to promote the textile manufacturing industry to high-end, intelligent, green, gathering direction. Focus on the development of high-quality textile fabrics, high-end silk and textile products, expand the application of industrial textiles. Speed up the development and application of digital and intelligent textile equipment.
In the chemical fiber manufacturing industry, to strengthen the new functional fiber, high-performance fiber and bio-based chemical fiber research and development and industrialization, and promote chemical fiber manufacturing industry to the emerging materials industry changes, expand fiber products in the functional clothing, aerospace, rail transportation Field application.
In the garment manufacturing industry, to promote the garment manufacturing industry to the fashion, personalized direction. Strengthen the construction of independent brands, to speed up the garment enterprises from large-scale standardization of production to the flexible, personalized custom and other service-oriented manufacturing changes.