Chemical fiber, textile, silk industry cooperation on-site meeting


June 21, the county bank-enterprise docking activities […]

June 21, the county bank-enterprise docking activities - "send the book, to help financing" and chemical fiber, textile, silk industry cooperation project on-site docking. Deputy mayor Zhang Weifeng on the county next stage of bank and enterprise docking action put forward new requirements. The county government office, the financial office, the National Taxation Bureau, the land bureau, the Agricultural Commission, the person in charge of the county, the county financial institutions, security company responsible person, chemical fiber, textile, silk industry-related enterprises responsible person to participate in activities.

    The meeting listened to the county State Taxation Bureau, Land Bureau, the Agricultural Commission on the county chemical fiber, textile, silk industry, the introduction of the chemical fiber, textile, silk industry, enterprise demand for information on-site information; part of the project signed a contract; The People's Bank made a briefing on the implementation of the last signed credit.

    Zhang pointed out that the revitalization of the real economy, the urgent need for close cooperation between the three sides of the banking and government to strengthen cooperation. He asked the functional departments to take the initiative to coordinate Nantong City, "to send the book, to help finance" financial services million business activities to create a good financial environment; the financial institutions to fully support key enterprises, key projects, increase efforts; To strengthen communication with financial institutions, strengthen internal management. In the effective docking efforts, in the collaborative make a fuss, and really smooth financial resources to the real economy, especially the manufacturing transmission path.