How To Care For Silk Fabrics


With silks being used for various purposes these days f […]

With silks being used for various purposes these days from sheets to clothing to women s fashion accessories like silk belts, scarves, and wallets, there is the need to understand how to care for these delicate fabrics. Although silk products usually come with care instructions, here are some basic how to s in caring for silk.
hand washing Though affect the texture and color of the fabric, silk tends to react well with warm water. As in dry cleaning, do not use strong detergents or cleaning solutions. Instead, use shampoo or soap dissolved in water. A small amount of soap is sufficient since silk has a natural resistance to stains and dirt. Don t soak the fabric for a long time as the dye may become dull. To enhance a slightly faded sheen in the silk or to remove an alkali blemish, spray the garment or accessory with white vinegar and dry it with a towel.
For most types of silks, including the lighter and finer varieties, dry cleaning is the best option. Make sure that your dry cleaner is made aware that your garment or accessory is made of silk as silks are sensitive to the common types of cleaning detergents.