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As a leading

China Cationic Yarn Manufacturers and Low Melt Polyester Yarns Suppliers

,Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd is renowned for superior quality control and new product development.
With main equipments from Germany and Japan,The company has integrated and highly efficient advanced production lines from spinning to draw-texturing and drawing,which are also guaranteed by scientific quality control in the whole manufacturing process.The main products are low-carbon environment,Cationic Yarn,functional and dope-dyed polyester yarn,low melting filament Yarns,new biodegradable polyester filament,cationic dyeable polyester microfilament yarn,etc...



  • Flannel


    Fabric features: plain weave or two upper and lower twill weaves. The flannel style is characterized by fine and smooth fluff, no bottom or half exposed, soft and full-feel, unifor...

  • Spinning


    Lightweight electric spinning with a weight of less than 20g/m2 is semi-transparent in appearance and is called hemp. Fabric characteristics: The texture is lighter, softer and mor...

  • Silk spinning

    Silk spinning

    Silk silk is made from tussah silk and is a silkworm silk fabric. Fabric characteristics: natural silk is natural yellowish, compared with silk, its fabric is thicker than silkworm...

  • Navy cloth

    Navy cloth

    The quality of the wool used by the Navy is slightly lower than that of Melden. Sometimes the Navy is classified as a uniform, but it is a good breed in uniforms. The appearance is...

  • Hangfang


    Hangfang is the most heavy and thickest type of plain weave in the spinning category. It is named after Hangzhou, which is called Hangzhou Textile. It is a traditional breed with a...

  • Fuchunfang


    Fuchunfang is a plain silk pure viscose silk fabric interwoven with viscose and viscose spun yarn. The warp yarns are made of light or matt filaments, and the weft yarns are interw...

  • Cotton


    Mian silk is a silk product produced by the spinning mill. The raw materials used are mainly silkworm silk, which is made of silk. Fabric features: Because the raw materials used a...

  • Power spinning

    Power spinning

    Electric spinning, also known as silk fabric, is usually silk fabric, woven with plain weave, the density is thinner than silk, the silk fabric with lighter texture is called spinn...

  • Georgette crepe georgette

    Georgette crepe georgette

    Georgette is also known as "Qiao Qichen". It uses 2S and 2Z strong silk as the warp and weft yarns. The warp and weft are relatively sparse. It is a plain weave structure, which ca...


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