Fuchunfang is a plain silk pure viscose silk fabric int […]

Fuchunfang is a plain silk pure viscose silk fabric interwoven with viscose and viscose spun yarn. The warp yarns are made of light or matt filaments, and the weft yarns are interwoven with light spun yarns, and the warp density is almost double the latitudinal density.
Fabric features: Fuchun silk surface warp yarn reveals a lot of clear grain. The surface is smooth and flat, the texture is rich, the hand feels soft and smooth, the color is bright, the gloss is soft, the washing is durable, the price is cheap, the moisture absorption performance is good, and the wearing is comfortable. However, the wear resistance is poor, easy to fluff, easy to wrinkle, and the shrinkage rate after the water is large, the strength is greatly reduced, so the correct washing method should be adopted.
Fabric application: Fuchunfang can not only make blouses, culottes, dresses and men's shirts, summer clothes, but also quilts, suitcases and linings. Suitable for women's and children's clothing, quilt and decorative cloth.


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