Fabric features: plain weave or two upper and lower twi […]

Fabric features: plain weave or two upper and lower twill weaves. The flannel style is characterized by fine and smooth fluff, no bottom or half exposed, soft and full-feel, uniform color, and flannel traditional black and white clips. Gray style. The flannel is woven with plain or twill, the surface is covered with fluff, semi-exposed, full and delicate, uniform color, soft body, warm and comfortable, all dyed with loose hair, mixed with dark and light flowers according to color requirements Such as light gray and dark gray varieties.
Specifications: Flannel has two kinds of pure wool and several wool blends. The traditional flannel yarn is used to dye some of the raw materials, and a part of the white fiber is mixed to obtain a mixed color yarn. The color is mixed with black and white, and it is medium gray, light gray or dark gray. With the development of the variety, flannel is now also available in many plain and strip products.
Fabric application: suitable for spring, autumn and winter seasons. Such as: Chinese tunic, dual-use shirts, trousers, spring and autumn women's coats, windbreakers, women's vests, jackets and hats, thin flannel can also be used as shirts, skirts, dresses and so on.