Classification of apparel fabrics


It Fabric Features: The use of sorghum tissue, plain we […]

Fabric Features: The use of sorghum tissue, plain weave, twill weave or other short-weave texture combined organization. The silk type uses mulberry silk and rayon as the main raw materials, and is woven with tantalum and twill weave.
The characteristics of the fabric: The napped silk fabric and the rayon interweave the fluffing tissue fabric, covering the fabric surface with a layer of fluff or cashmere loop. The texture is soft, the color is bright, and the pile loops are tight.
Specification type: The organization has plain weave, twill, satin and change organization. The
Samples are: Lilac
Liar Velvet ria velvet
The viscose produced by the double-layer weaving method is made of light silk velvet silk fabric with a layer of fluff on the surface, which is gorgeous in appearance, shiny, soft to the touch, and drapable. It is not suitable for heavy pressure in storage and transportation and is used for making dresses, curtains, and curtains. , sofa cloth, or used as a gift box material.