Burnt etched-out velvet


  With nylon (or polyester) as the ground fabric, the s […]


With nylon (or polyester) as the ground fabric, the surface of the velvet is viscose with light, the use of two kinds of fiber on the acid reaction performance is different, the local treatment of this fabric with acid, the case of acid in the adhesive was corroded, leaving The nylon fabric and acid-free viscose suede are called burnt down.
Its decorative, beautiful and elegant, is a local suede fabric with three-dimensional effect of the bumps. Suitable for women's high-end clothing, evening dresses, national costumes and decorative cloth.
Decorative velvet iridescent velvet
It is a velvet fabric intertwined with mulberry silk and viscose rayon. The bottom is a strong mulberry silk woven fabric. The surface velvet is a light viscose rayon, and its villi are short and dense, with soft and elastic feel. After finishing, it will be decorated with sequins to achieve the effect of shining bright and luxurious.

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