Fabric characteristics: Jin is a satin jacquard fabric, […]

Fabric characteristics: Jin is a satin jacquard fabric, which is woven of mulberry silk and rayon. It is dyed and dyed first. The color of weft yarn is more than three colors. It is one of the traditional silk fabrics with over 3,000 years of history in China. It also woven into bright beautiful metal wire, and some as many as six or seven colors. The texture of Jin was thick and plump, and the patterns used were mostly dragons, phoenixes, cranes, plums, orchids, bamboos, chrysanthemums, and the words “Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi” and “Jiyi Ruyi”.
Specifications: There are a wide variety of Kam variety, and the traditional Chinese famous brands are Brocade, Yunjin, Songjin and Brocade.
Fabric Application: The fabrics used for fabrics are mostly used as decorative fabrics, such as interior decoration brocade tablecloths, brocade bedspreads, brocade quilt cover, and various high-end gift boxes cover and rare bookbinding. In terms of clothing, it is used to make neckties, belts, jackets and gowns for ethnic minorities.
Samples are: Song Jin, brocade, antique satin. The
Song Jin was called Song Jin because he mimicked the Cai Jin weaving in the Song Dynasty.
Fabric features: Most of its flower patterns are filled with dragons, unicorns, decorative flowers and texts, etc., in relatively regular geometric shapes such as circles and polygons. Patterns are mostly arranged in squares and diamonds, beautifully woven, antique, and simple. The quaint, magnificent and dignified, color matching and pattern have obvious national style and Song Dynasty characteristics.