Fabric characteristics: crepe is a silk fabric with a c […]

Fabric characteristics: crepe is a silk fabric with a crepe effect. By means of process means and structural means, the combination of silk twisting and the use of plain weave or enamel tissue, the weaving appearance exhibits a wrinkle effect. The appearance is unique, the gloss is soft, the hand feels smooth, and it has certain elasticity and anti-wrinkle performance. It is not easy to stick to the skin when taken, and it is breathable and comfortable. Elastic silk fabric. The disadvantage is that the shrinkage rate is large.
The method of forming the ripple effect:
A uses different attitudes and different orientations;
B latitude and longitude tension difference;
C crepe organization;
D is treated with embossing;
E utilizes different raw materials, which have different shrinkage properties, and the fabric is post-treated to crepe.
Fabric application: can be used for men's and women's shirts, underwear, women's dresses, skirts, windbreakers and down jacket fabrics.