Beautiful silk mei-li lining twill


Fabric features:fabric (twill silk), customary called s […]

Fabric features:fabric (twill silk), customary called silk, pure polyester and pure human silk, fabric tissue is twill weave or twill change structure, silk surface twill lines fine and clear, feel flat and smooth It is slightly stiff, bright and bright, and the back is slightly darker.
Fabric application: suitable for lining of medium and high-end clothing.
Silk yarn lustre lining
Features of the fabric: the weft yarn is made of cotton yarn and wax thread, the sand is made of light rayon, twill weave, the surface of the fabric is slightly hard and smooth, the front twill has light, the back surface is dull, the texture is firm, but it is not suitable for twisting when washing. To avoid raising hair,
Fabric application: used as a variety of low-end clothing lining.
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