Recycled ECDP Cationic FDY 20D-150D (85℃ Dyeing)

Recycled ECDP Cationic FDY 20D-150D (85℃ Dyeing)

Usage: Knitting, Weaving
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Low Elasticity, Anti-Pilling, Moisture Absorbent, Abrasion Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Anti-Static
Material: 100% Polyester
Technics: Chip Spinning
Color: Raw White
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Recycled ECDP Cationic FDY 20D-150D (85℃ Dyeing) Details

Product Name : Recycled Polyester Grs-Certified Low Temperature Cationic Dyeable FDY 100D/72F

All Spec.: FDY 20D/9F, 20D/18F, 20D/36F, 30D/9F, 30D/18F, 30D/36F, 40D/18F, 40D/24F, 40D/36F, 40D/48F, 50D/24F, 50D/48F, 50D/72F, 75D/24F, 75D/36F, 75D/72F, 75D/144F, 150D/48F, 150D/144F, etc.
-Dyeing around 85 degree in open bath
-Above 96% dyes uptake, save about 30%-50% dyestuff
-4.5 colorfastness
-no damage to spandex elasticity
-Wrinkle free and easy care
-Soft touch and vivid color
-GRS certified

-Cooldry /Moisture Wicking

-Seamless knitting, circular knitting, warp knitting, weaving, etc. sportwear, underwear, casual sportswear, T-shirt, etc.

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