What is special about knitted fabrics?


Modal fiber knitted fabric is a new type of environment […]

Modal fiber knitted fabric is a new type of environmental protection fiber. It integrates the comfort of cotton, the drape of viscose, the strength of polyester, and the feel of silk. It also has many times of washing, and still maintains its softness and lightness. Color. Knitting technology still combines the soft and fluffy, high elasticity and comfort of the fiber with the knitting itself, so that the superior performance of the two complements each other.

The hemp-type knitted fabric not only has a muslin feel, but also has a good cool moisture absorption, especially a silk twist. It is an ideal high-grade knitted fabric. In addition to the excellent performance of silk, the fabric feels fuller and the body is stiffer. Dimensional stability, good resistance to warts, is the ideal fabric for high-end professional wear and casual wear.