Spinning technology


There are two solutions to the problem of yarn strength […]

There are two solutions to the problem of yarn strength. One method is to use a more advanced spinning technique to produce yarns that can be applied to easy-care fabrics without changing the material, such as compact ring spinning.
The second method is to adjust the raw material and change the structure of the yarn, and combine the two by a certain spinning method in the original natural fiber and the fiber with excellent performance and easy to care, and obtain the desired yarn. There are blended yarns, composite yarns, etc., which are described below.
Blended yarn
Mixed spinning of two or more kinds of fibers, mainly by means of loose fiber mixing and strip mixing. The strength of the entire yarn is increased by the original fiber raw material and other fibers having high strength and high modulus. Such composite yarns have traditional polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/wool, etc., as well as polyester/cotton/Tencel fiber, polyester/cotton/cashmere, and the like.
2. Composite yarn
Two different fibers are entangled in a single yarn or filament like a strand structure, which can be spun on a modified spinning frame or can be spun from a hollow spindle. There are mainly siro spinning, sirofil spinning, wrapping spinning, core spinning and so on.