Fabric Features: All or most of the satin weave (except […]

Fabric Features: All or most of the satin weave (except for the satin weave woven with strong twisted yarn), the texture is tight and soft, and the silk surface is smooth and bright. The texture of the fabric is thick, the appearance is bright and smooth, the color is rich, and the effect is more remarkable with jacquard.
Specifications: There are many varieties, raw materials are mulberry silk, viscose and other chemical filaments, which are divided into silk satin, viscose silk satin, interlaced satin, etc.; according to jacquard or not, there are can be divided into plain satin and satin.
Fabric application: its use varies from breed to breed. It can be used for shirts, skirts, headscarves and costumes. It can be used for high-grade outerwear, cotton jacket fabrics, cheongsam, bedspreads, quilts and other decorative items.
Samples are: satin, plain satin.
Crepe satin brocade
The satin is made of smooth weft (reinforced weft weft) and five satin fabrics.
The characteristics of the fabric: one side is faintly fine wrinkles, the other side is satin-like appearance, the texture is tight and tough, it is not suitable for frequent washing, because it is easy to fluff after rubbing and rubbing.
Fabric application: Suitable for fabrics for women's clips in winter and autumn, and for stage costumes.
Plain satin silk satin
Fabric features: usually the fabric of mulberry silk and rayon, also pure rayon fabric, warp and weft without tweezer, woven with eight satin, satin warp thread float longer, finely arranged, satin smooth and bright The texture is soft and the back is in the shape of a fine twill. The color is bright and rich and elegant.
Fabric application: suitable for men's and women's cotton, casual wear, embroidered clothes, costumes and so on.