Power spinning


Electric spinning, also known as silk fabric, is usuall […]

Electric spinning, also known as silk fabric, is usually silk fabric, woven with plain weave, the density is thinner than silk, the silk fabric with lighter texture is called spinning, and the warp and weft of spinning is generally not twisted or weakened.
Features of the fabric: The electric spinning fabric is fine and light, soft and smooth, and the body is lighter, smoother and cooler than the silk, and has the natural color of silk. Its texture is smooth and meticulous, it is more elegant and smooth than the ordinary silk, the gloss is bright and soft, the hand feels soft and comfortable to wear, no difference between positive and negative.
Fabric application: A heavy-duty electric spinning can be used for summer shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, cotton jackets and fabrics; B is lighter and can be used for clothing linings or for headscarves, scarves, curtains, etc.; ) Can be used as trousers, knee pads, lampshades, etc.


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