Mesh cloth


Leno, also known as mesh cloth, is a through-hole fabri […]

Leno, also known as mesh cloth, is a through-hole fabric woven from leno weave. It is characterized in that the two sets of warp yarns of the ground and the twisting are interlaced with a set of weft yarns, and the fine yarns are often used and woven with a small density. The raw materials used are usually pure cotton, polyester cotton and various chemical fibers. According to different processing, it can be divided into color leno, bleached leno, printed leno, yarn-dyed leno, jacquard leno and so on. The leno fabric has good air permeability, clear yarn holes, smooth cloth surface and a very good cloth body. Mainly used as summer clothing, shawls and mosquito nets.
The scented silk yarn, also known as crepe silk, black crepe or quilted silk, is a silk woven woven woven woven woven fabric. The crepe silk has the distinction of crepe and crepe.

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