Medium long fabric


Medium and long fiber fabrics are a general term for fa […]

Medium and long fiber fabrics are a general term for fabrics woven from medium and long chemical fiber blended yarns. Most of these fabrics are produced in cotton textile mills and yarn-dyed factories.
According to the chemical fiber raw materials used, there are mainly two types of polyester nitrile medium length and polyester viscosity medium length. The former has good wrinkle resistance and non-ironing property, and the disadvantage is that the cloth surface is rough and the color fastness is poor. The latter has a good hand and elasticity, and has good hygroscopicity. The disadvantage is that the ironing is poor.
Most of the warp and weft yarns used in medium and long fabrics are strands, and a few are single yarns. According to different processing, the main varieties of white weaving are plain weave, hidden strip, hidden grid, varnish, medlar and huahua; the main varieties of yarn-dyed have medium-length tweed (including medium-thick tweed, thin tweed) , smelly, breeches, board, Hailimeng and so on. Medium and long fiber fabrics are wool-like fabrics.
These fabrics have strong hair feel, soft handfeel, firm texture, good elasticity, anti-wrinkle and non-scalding, easy to wash and dry, and low shrinkage. Depending on the thickness of the variety, the fabrics of various garments and trousers are mainly used.

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