The thread is a major variety in yarn-dyed fabrics and […]

The thread is a major variety in yarn-dyed fabrics and looks like wool. According to the warp and weft direction, there are all the lines (the strands are used for the warp and weft), and the half line (the single yarn for the warp direction and the weft direction); according to the object of use, there are male lines and women. Line too. The raw materials used in the line are pure cotton, polyester cotton, cotton, polyester, polyester, and the like. The warp and weft yarns used for weaving threads are useful for monochromatic strands, flower strands, fancy twists, and also for mixed yarns.
The fabric structure used, useful for the three original tissues and their varying tissues, useful for joint organization, and also for jacquard tissue. Products that are woven in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles can be designed using a variety of yarns and fabrics of different colors, materials, structures.
The representative products of the male line include Pai Lisi, breeches, crepe, luxuries, crepe, etc.; representative varieties of the female line are teddy, tweed, jacquard, silk female tweed, knot Line and so on. The wire-like fabric has a thick hand, a firm texture and a strong hair feel.
Mainly used as spring, autumn and winter coats or trousers. The line shrinks at a relatively high rate.

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