Georgette crepe georgette


Georgette is also known as "Qiao Qichen". It uses 2S an […]

Georgette is also known as "Qiao Qichen". It uses 2S and 2Z strong silk as the warp and weft yarns. The warp and weft are relatively sparse. It is a plain weave structure, which causes the silk surface to smash during the process of refining.
Fabric features: It is a thin, sparse, transparent, creped plain silk fabric woven from strong silk. Both the warp and the weft are arranged with two strong scorpions and two right scorpions. After the scouring, the strong crepe is used to produce the squeaking effect, and the silk surface produces the georgette style, that is, uniform crepe. And obvious pores. After dyeing or printing, the finished product has bright color, soft and smooth handfeel, elasticity, fine and light texture, transparent and elegant, no difference between front and back, it has fine and even wrinkles, obvious yarn holes, drape and elegant. Comfortable fit.
Fabric application: It should be used for skirts, high-end evening dresses, wedding gowns, shirts, etc. It can also be used as scarves, headscarves, veil, etc. It can also be used as curtains and lampshades for cars and airplanes, and it is also a favorite material for ethnic minorities.

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