Generally, the warp yarns are finer than the weft yarns […]

Generally, the warp yarns are finer than the weft yarns, and the warp and weft are small, and the ground grain surface has relatively obvious lateral ridges. It is a kind of silk fabric with thick texture. A plain or sturdy or slanted twill weave, a woven fabric made of the same or different types of raw materials.
Fabric characteristics: Ge is mostly thick and firm, with a hard hand and less luster on the surface. For the decorative gems fabric, the appearance is rough, the transverse ribs are more pronounced, and the thick and fluffy core weft yarn or the glittering gold and silver yarn is embedded in the fabric structure, and the jacquard is a higher-grade decorative fabric. Garment fabrics are lighter in weight, fine in texture and clear in texture. Generally, the fine weft is thick, the dense weft is sparse, the ground grain is dull, and the surface has obvious transverse ribs.
Fabric application: can be used for men's and women's shirts, skirts, winter jackets and so on.
Specs type: Ge has its appearance characteristics and can be divided into two types: Su Ge and Jacquard. Jacquard is a satin flower on the horizontal ribbed ground. The pattern is bright and smooth, the flowers and ground are well-defined, and some are decorated with gold and silver lines. The appearance is more magnificent. Su Ge surface is pure, no pattern except the transverse ribs.