Cationic yarn characteristics


Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of p […]

Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of polyester product which is spun by introducing dimethyl isophthalate with polar SO 3Na into the polyester chip. Its appearance is indistinguishable from ordinary polyester filament. However, due to the use of ionic modification, not only the color absorption performance of the fiber is greatly improved, but also the crystallinity is lowered and the dye molecules are easily penetrated, so that the fiber is easily dyed, the color absorption rate is improved, and the hygroscopicity is also improved.
The fiber not only ensures the cation is easy to dye, but also increases the micropores of the fiber, improves the dyeing rate, gas permeability and hygroscopicity of the fiber, thereby further adapting to the simulated silking of the polyester fiber; the silky fabric can be soft and breathable by simulating silking. Comfortable, antistatic, normal temperature and pressureable dyeing; through cationic modification of multi-functional wool, the fabric can be soft, antistatic, anti-pilling, normal temperature and pressure and co-dye.
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