Polypropylene Yarn 50D/75D Black

Polypropylene Yarn 50D/75D Black

Available counts

DTY 30D/12F-150D/144F FDY 30D/12F-150D/144F

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Polypropylene Yarn 50D/75D Black Details

Our micro-polypropylene yarn has unique chemical and physical properties as follows:


1.Lightest weight

2.High intensity

3.Low moisture regain

4.Excellent heat preservation

5.High abrasion resistance

6.High rebound resilience

7.Strong chemical resistance

8.Anti bacterial and anti fungal effect

9.Good moisture conductivity


Polypropylene yarn Available items :

1.Raw white

2.Dope dyed

3.Functional: Anti-bacterial, Wicking



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