PTT Sorona 75D

PTT Sorona 75D

PTT Sorona 75D Shape-memory Fiber

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PTT Sorona 75D Details

DuPont Sorona polymer is the latest and most advanced and eco-friendly macromolecule polymer developed by DuPont currently with main material from bio-based 1,3-Propanediol(PDO). As one of the licensees of DuPont, Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd has been authorized to use DuPont's technology to develop, produce and market Sovire filament yarn, fabrics and garments made with Sorona polymer.


Sorona is called“smart” polymer by the industry because it combines the properties of polyester and nylon, provides designers and consumers with various merits as follow:


1. Super softness & bulkiness

2.Excellent stretch-recovery

3.Vibrant color, good resistance against UV & Cholrine


Yarn Specification:


(1)Bio-component special cross-Section yarn PTT/PET(high elasticity),Crimp contraction can be:

≥10-20%,≥20-35% ≥35%;

(SCY)FDY 75D/24-36F, 150D/48F, 300D/96F,etc.

(2)Regular items(Shape-memory Fiber):

DTY/FDY40D/12F, 75D/72F, 50D/24-48F,

150D/96-144F, 300D/144-288F


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