Paoli is a mixed-colored thin wool fabric with a fine-s […]

Paoli is a mixed-colored thin wool fabric with a fine-striped appearance. It is roughly the same as varnish. It is a light-weight worsted plain weave.
Fabric Features: The difference between the fabric and the varnish is that it is woven with mixed-color combed yarn, and the color yarn and the white-colored mixed color yarn are used. The surface is evenly distributed with white dots and criss-crossing faintly visible mixed rainy fine stripes. And the irregular cross pattern is distributed on the surface, which becomes the unique style of the company. The surface is smooth, the texture is light, and the hand feels very cool.
Specifications: There are all hair, wool blends and purified fiber imitation hair. The color is mainly light gray, medium gray, and a small amount of noise. Mao/Di Pai Li is more sturdy, wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash and easy to dry, and has good taking properties.
Fabric application: ideal for men and women suits, dual-use shirts, long trousers, etc.